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2016 Spring Track Race Schedule

Registration fee is $59 and Runners will need to purchase a Landsharks T-shirt for $14. if they don't already have one from previous season.
Please register prior to your first practice!

Race Dates (please check the Race Sites page to confirm the dates your school will be racing!)

Race Night #1 -  April 17 or 18

Race Night #2 -  April 24 or 25

Race Night #3 -  May 1 or 2 

Back-up Race Night - May 8 or 9

Race Schedule

Sunday afternoon races will begin at 3pm and Monday night races will begin at 6pm. 

 Race Night 1 - 50m Dash. then choice of 400m or 800m              

 Race Night 2 - 100m Dash, then choice of 400m or Mile

 Race Night 3 - Choice of Mile or 400m, followed by the 200m Dash