Finishing is Winning!

Congratulations to the 2016 Fall Cross Country Prep Camp Athletes! Incredible results from Thursday's race can be found below.  With early season results like this, your fall season is going to be aboslutely incredible!!!

Name  Time          
Max  3min 54sec   Name Time  
        Colin 6min 52sec
Elizabeth 4min 9sec   Aiden Le. 6min 55sec
Nicholas M. 4min 32sec   Michael 7min 13sec
Lucas 4min 48sec   Jayden 7min 46sec
Mia 4min 50sec   Camden 7min 49sec
Alton 5min 47sec   Julia 7min 51sec
Dasmin 5min 47sec   Nicholas E. 8min 1sec
Katherine 7min 55sec   Owen Le. 8min  9sec
        Hadley 8min 21sec
        Emma 8min 22sec
        Devin 8min 32sec
        Christian 8min 39sec
        Josey 8min 45sec
        Padraig 8min 49sec
        Shane 9min 6sec
        Gustavo 9min 13sec
        Locke 9min 14sec
        Brenner 9min 21sec
        Beau 9min 23sec
        Dominic 9min 25sec
        Ian 9min 30sec
        Ellia 9min 39sec
        Gaia 9min 43sec
        Liliana 9min 49sec
        Sydeny 9min 50sec
        Stevie 9min 51sec
        Pyper 10min 04sec
        Hailey Be. 10min 33sec
        Hailey Bl. 11min 19sec

shape for the upcoming Landsharks Cross Country Season and have the opportunity to work with our Junior Olympic Head Cross Country Coach?!  Landsharks is excited to offer our second Annual Cross Country Pre-Season Prep Camp.  

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