Finishing is Winning!

2016 Junior Olympic Cross-Country Program


Our Junior Olympic Cross Country program is designed for youth runners and families looking to take their running to the next level. Whether this is a stepping stone from the Landshark school program or your who have discovered a passion for running at a local race or from another sport. This program will guide and prepare our runners in a safe, long term approach to improve their running and racing skills. Runners 8 and under, race 1.25 miles (2,000m), ages 9-12 race 1.86 miles (3,000m) and the 13-14 year olds race 2.46 miles (4,000m).  .


If you do not have a USATF membership, you will need to purchase one online at ($20) Please wait until Nov. 1st so your membership will be valid for 2016 and all of 2017.

  • Each family is reponsible for the registration fees and travel costs for the races they wish to participate in.
  • Financial aid and second child discounts are available. Please contact the office for more information. 623-5314
  • Please bring a copy of your child's birth certificate and current USATF Membership number to the first practice.
  • Racing singlets will be available to purchase in our store after October 15th.
Landsharks All-Comers Meet Results October 23, 2016
  Name   Time Team  
  2k 8 and Under Girls        
  Toula  Hickmon 9:26 PPRC  
  Julia Bayton 10:12 Unattached  
  Taylor Malone 10:38 Landsharks  
  Nancy  Platt 13:35 LBRC  
  Leila Hanson 14:36 Landsharks  
  2k 8 and under Boys        
  Michael  Tanner 8:30 Landsharks  
  Kendrick Parrill 8:34 PPRC  
  Keeton Vargas 9:08 Landsharks  
  John  Perales 9:18 unattached  
  Max  Morgan 9:19 Landsharks  
  Luke Cupples 12:01 Landsharks  
  Cruz Hckmon 12:22 PPRC  
  Dutch Weaver 12:39 Landsharks  
  Reid Draper 13:04 PPRC  
  3k 9-10 Girls        
  Zoey Lenth 12:53 PPRC  
  Layla Driscoll 13:40 Landsharks  
  Dawn Armstrong 13:42 PPRC  
  Amara  Langstaff 15:23 Landsharks  
  MacKenzie Krom 16:57 PPRC  
  Madison Dkrom 17:01 PPRC  
  Emily  Wolf 17:09 PPRC  
  Sophie Spencer 17:14 PPRC  
  Sopia Daigle 19:52 LBRC  
  Sopia Ault 19:55 LBRC  
  3k 9-10 Boys        
  Benjamin Hicks 13:26 Unattached  
  Christopher Dudzic 13:35 PPRC  
  Carter Sterk 15:24 Landsharks  
  Dylan Masters 15:26 Landsharks  
  Marcus May 16:00 Landsharks  
  Tyrus Shah 16:59 Landsharks  
  William Sealock 17:07


  3k 11-12 Girls        
  Lila Crowley 12:36 PPRC  
  Bryana Hoffman 13:00 PPRC  
  Abby MacLean 13:19 PPRC  
  Athena Haes 13:30 Landsharks  
  Kelly Cargo 13:37 PPRC  
  Delaney Geierbach 14:45 Landsharks  
  Nora Gohlke 15:22 Unattached  
  Maia Williams 15:41 ?  
  Rhiannon Cargo 16:12 PPRC  
  Fina Hickmon 16:27 PPRC  
  Emma Odwyer 16:38 PPRC  
  3k 11-12 Boys        
  Jackson Parill 11:46 PPRC  
  Evan Armstrong 12:17 PPRC  
  Avery Whitesell 12:40 LBRC  
  Brennan Draper 12:47 PPRC  
  Jordan Provencio 13:35 LBRC  
  Carter Gonzalez 13:43 Landsharks  
  Jackson West 14:00 Unattached  
  Colin Hickmon 14:17 PPRC  
  Brayden Xenos 14:53 LBRC  
  Blake Huhn 15:06 PPRC  
  Nathan Smith 15:11 Landsharks  
  Erik Matoush 15:20 PPRC  
  Kaden Haes 15:40 Landsharks  
  Kyler Herl 15:47 PPRC  
  Jordan  Barrios 15:58 LBRC  
  Ezra Voth Voth 16:13 Landsharks  
  Luke Sanson 16:44 Landsharks  
  4k 13-14 Girls        
  Mari Sobania 21:03 PPRC  
  Katy Fischer 22:11  
  Sarah Platt 27:47:00 LBRC  
  4k 13-14 Boys        
  Caelin Tredoux 14:53 Landsharks  
  Jett Arstingstall 15:01 PPRC  
  Braden Struhs 17:02 PPRC  
  Andrew Macedo 20:56 LBRC  
  Austin Smith  13:05 (3k)    
  Joe Lange 13:52(3k)